Chairman Massage

      In Today’s world of competition people are striving to find an appropriate place in the emerging knowledge based society. Due to the lack of proper knowledge and skills, they are not able to take advantage of opportunities in the social place.


      NATIONAL YOUTH COMPUTER SIKSHA MISSION A unit of Maa Multi Welfare Foundation (M.M.W.F.) is a social development organization. Form where various people of social area would find sufficiently helpful. It is formed specially for students and unemployed person. I hope many students and unemployed person would find various ways about    his /her carrier to this institute. In this institute a new method has been followed to help the all learners so that they can cope with the harden tasks ahead of the learning materials.






It is well known, that real education is most important for development of any society. Even a man cannot perform Any social activities without education. At present many Students specially rural areas students cannot make Their carrier due to lack of proper computer knowledge or real attitude.

For of all these students NYCSM brought a new educational  plan. It’s main objectives are to making real students and managed them right way & help them to be established of social place. For this, there are taken great efforts to making real students from basic to upper level.


                     I fervently hope the teacher, students, unemployed  and others would find this organization sufficiently helpful.

                   Comments from experienced teacher, parents and students themselves would be received gratefully for its further improvement.



                                                                                  Mr. S.SK